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World Parks Week Webinar - What if your city was a National Park City?

Date and Time

This FREE, one hour, webinar will be offered at several times throughout the day on Monday April 29th and Tuesday April 30th in celebration of World Parks Week.

Please attend the time that works best for you!

Monday, April 29th
  • 06:00 New York, 11:00 London, 18:00 Singapore
  • 15:00 New York, 20:00 London, 03:00 Singapore (April 30th)
Tuesday, April 30th
  • 02:00 New York, 07:00 London, 14:00 Singapore
  • 05:00 New York, 10:00 London, 17:00 Singapore
  • 08:00 New York, 13:00 London, 20:00 Singapore
  • 14:00 New York, 19:00 London, 02:00 Singapore (May 1st)


How to Join

Join URL: https://iu.zoom.us/j/938414273?status=success

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Webinar Description

A place, a vision and a community, National Park Cities are all about making life in cities greener, healthier and wilder, and inspiring more people to enjoy spending time outdoors. Inspired by London becoming the world’s first National Park City in July, people around the world are asking if their city can also be a National Park City, and if so, what it would mean.

To help answer these and other questions, the National Park City Foundation, World Urban Parks and Salzburg Global Seminar have begun an international conversation to develop a Universal Charter for National Park Cities.

Marking the beginning of World Parks Week 2019, in this thought-provoking webinar Daniel will explain the National Park City idea and what it could mean for life in cities. He’ll then go on to explain the purpose of the first Universal Charter for National Park Cities and invite participants to help shape it.

Join as an individual, group or class to consider this big idea and to help shape the future of National Park Cities.

Learning Objectives:

Celebrate World Parks Week and join this webinar to:

  1. Discover what a National Park City is.
  2. Learn how and why London is becoming a National Park City.
  3. Ask “what if your city was a National Park City?”
  4. Influence the future of National Park Cities by contributing your thoughts and ideas to the consultation on the first Universal Charter for National Park Cities.

About the Speaker

Daniel Raven-Ellison is a guerrilla geographer and radical educator. He is leading the initiative to transform the whole of Greater London into the world’s first “National Park City.” One vision to inspire a million projects, this new kind of national park would recognize the importance of urban nature and galvanize actions to improve habitats, health, quality of life and resilience across the city and beyond. London will likely become a National Park City in 2019.

Working with National Geographic Partners, Cisco, Emotiv, and ESRI, in 2017 Raven-Ellison walked more than a thousand miles across all of the UK’s 15 national parks and 69 cities, looking for insights to make a future National Park City successful. He did so while wearing an EEG that tracked his emotions. In 2018, Raven-Ellison will be completing a 100 meter expedition to transform how people think about Britain and to make the case for more space being protected for nature (National Geographic Society).

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