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Becoming a Trustee of the National Park City Foundation (Charity no. 1173267)

We are the Charity that has catalysed the London National Park City movement in London.

We are now imagining 25 National Park Cities around the world by 2025 and are actively exploring partnerships and considering operating models to deliver on this ambition.

As a young Charity we aim to remain dynamic and willing to evolve to facilitate the delivery of our vision and mission. To aid our growth and evolution we are seeking to appoint up to six new Trustees to join our existing Board, by May 2019.

Since forming we have had some considerable success. We have:

  • Won support for the National Park City in London from over a thousand local politicians, from the London Assembly and from the Mayor of London
  • Leveraged several million pounds of funding by the Greater London Authority to contribute to actions delivering on London National Park City commitments, as well as other funding and time in kind from Foundations, NGO’s and from businesses
  • Delivered two successful crowdfunding campaigns, with a third in hand in support of our 2019 launch plans
  • Run several high-profile events including hosting over 1,200 people over two events at the Southbank Centre
  • Built a partner network already numbering 200 groups and organisations, and growing all the time
  • Nurtured a volunteer network that meets every month
  • Developed a clear brand and brand playbook
  • Catalysed an international working group to agree an international definition for National Park Cities
  • Attracted significant media interest.

As we move forward we will be focusing on, and will need your help to:

  • Deliver our committed campaigns and projects, and to scope new ones
  • Develop and agree wider partnerships, as befitting our brand and mission
  • Fundraise
  • Inspire other international cities to declare themselves as National Park Cities
  • Co-ordinate reporting of progress through our State of the National Park city reports in cities around the World
  • Ensure sound governance of the charity including development and oversight of policies and procedures
  • Advise on involving, engaging and meeting the needs of diverse younger audiences.

We are specifically interested in receiving applications from experienced individuals with a background in:

  • Governance and the law
  • Charity finance
  • Fundraising
  • Brokering and managing partnerships
  • Project development and management
  • Community engagement
  • Youth audiences.

Sectoral experience in areas including health, education, environment, social or development sectors could also be beneficial, but is not essential.

Most importantly you will need to be passionate about, and believe in, our vision. On occasion you would be expected to act as a spokesperson for our Charity.

About the London National Park City

London National Park City, put simply, is a movement to improve life in London.

It will mean residents, visitors and partners working together to:

  • Enjoy London’s great outdoors more
  • Make the city greener, healthier and wilder
  • Promote London’s identity as a National Park City

We want more bird song, ultimate frisbee, hill-rolling, tree climbing, cycling, hedgehogs, volunteering, sharing, outdoor play, kayaking, clean air, otters, greener streets, outdoor learning, ball games, outdoor art and hilltop dancing in the city. Why not?

You can read more about the London National Park City on the London National Park City website and on the Greater London Authority website.

The National Park City Foundation has led the campaign for London to be a declared a National Park City and has set the vision, brand and tone for the London National Park City.

The Foundation also manages the London National Park City website and other communication channels. However, the London National Park City is a shared vision, it is a movement, it is a place you can explore and a community you can join. It is a celebration of everything that has been done to make London’s landscape, ecology and culture enjoyable. It is a large-scale and long-term challenge to improve life in the city through many small and achievable actions. Individuals, families, groups, businesses and organisations can make their own contributions to the London National Park City’s aims, either formally or informally.

The relationship between the National Park City Foundation and the London National Park City may evolve in the future.

About the International Charter for National Park Cities

The National Park City Foundation has mobilised several international partners to collaboratively develop an International Charter for National Park Cities.

Our partners include: World Urban Parks, IUCN, Salzburg Global Seminar – for more see our website.

Our consultation on the Charter is currently underway and you can read more about this here.

Importantly the Charter will provide a platform to engage other cities interested in declaring themselves as National Park Cities. We already have several cities expressing interest.

Central to the final Charter will be a requirement for there to be active grassroots support in each interested city. We grew from the ground up in London and have already helped to connect hundreds of local groups and organisations. Other cities will need to adopt an approach which achieves buy-in at community and citizen level as has happened in London.

Becoming a Charity Trustee

There are some responsibilities that come with being a Charity Trustee. It’s important to understand this. If you’ve not been a Charity Trustee before we recommend you review the government guidance here.

Expectations and remuneration

We are a young charity without significant funds or resources at our disposal (yet). We are looking for Trustees that we will take an active role in helping us deliver our vision. Trustee positions are not remunerated. We can generally offer flexibility around other work or family commitments. Our expectation is that Trustees volunteer between 2 and 15 hours a week. We have a bi-monthly 2-hour Board meeting held in central London and optional Skype calls every Friday lunchtime.

You will be expected to have access to a computer. We use Google G-Suite. You will be given a nationalparkcity email address and access to our shared Trustees drive.

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion is extremely important to us.

  • We will work to reach as many people as possible with this call for new Trustees, and will review and consider all applications received.
  • We will brief our selection panel in best practice recruitment and will set up a check and challenge to counter any discrimination or unconscious bias.
  • We offer completely flexible working.

Selection process

  1. We will score candidates CV’s and responses to the application questions (as below).
  2. The first round of review will be undertaken by five current Trustees, acting alone
  3. We will bring together the five Trustees to reach consensus around a short-list of up to eight candidates
  4. We will run reference / background checks for each of the shortlisted candidates
  5. We will utilise our wider Trustee group and potentially individuals from partner organisations to check and challenge any discrimination or unconscious bias within the final short list.
  6. We may interview, up to eight candidates.
  7. Interviews will be undertaken in central London with an interview panel made up of at least four Trustees.

Selection timeline

This advert will remain live for approximately 30 days from Wednesday 13 March. The application deadline will be Sunday 14 April 2019. We will contact applicants for interview by mid-April (after Easter) with a view to holding interviews in late April and early May and with a view to the new Trustees attending the next board meeting on 16 May 2019.

The London National Park launch season begins in May and will culminate in the National Park City Festival at the end of July. A Board away-days style session will be held over the summer – date tba.

Please answer the following 7 questions and send us your most recent CV to hello@nationalparkcity.org

  1. Describe your experience and tell us why you would make an excellent Trustee for our Foundation (max 400 words)
  2. Tell us what excites you about our vision for National Park Cities (max 400 words)
  3. Tell us about a project or campaign you could imagine being delivered by the National Park City Foundation in the future (max 200 words)
  4. Name another organisation that you think would make a great partner for the National Park City Foundation and set out your reasons why. (max 100 words)
  5. Name another city you could imagine as a National Park City by 2025, and tell us why? (max 100 words)
  6. Name a brand ambassador whose personal brand and values aligns with our vision and aims (max 100 words)
  7. Provide the names and contacts of two referees who would agree to being contacted by us to verify your application. (Our privacy policy is available here).

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