National Park Cities

London, England

After five years of campaigning London became the world’s first National Park City in July 2019 with a launch summit at City Hall and a Festival across London.

A place, a vision and a movement, the London National Park City has been supported by thousands of Londoners, the majority of the city’s 2,000 local politicians and the Mayor of London. The National Park City Foundation has been established to work with Londoners to help make the London National Park City, and other National Park Cities, a success.

You can read more about the London National Park City on

On that website you can read the London National Park City Charter.

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Future National Park Cities?

Love Where You Live, November 24, 2020 - David Cope, a Trustee of the National Park City Foundation, outlines how city dwellers might benefit from National Park Cities - Love Where You Live

Glasgow, Scotland

A small but energetic campaign has begun to make Glasgow a National Park City. Visit

Glasgow National Park City

Adelaide, Australia

David Speirs MP, South Australia’s Minister for Environment and Resources, has shared his ambitions for Adelaide to become a National Park City. This follows Adelaide hosting the second international forum on National Park Cities, and David Speirs MP speaking at the National Park City Summit marking the launch of the London National Park City.

Galway, Ireland

Campaigners in Galway are beginning to reimagine the Irish city as a National Park City, with a focus on how it could enhance the landscape and improve people’s health.

National Park City – a game changer for Galway - 5 Nov 2020

"President Michael D. Higgins gave a powerful thought-provoking speech to an online meeting of people of all ages drawn from a wide strata of local society on why the movement towards transforming Galway into a National Park City is so crucial at this particular time in human history due to unprecedented climate change, biodiversity loss and pandemics, and why it can be a template for other cities in Ireland to follow.

His talk was followed by presentations from Dan Raven Ellison, a visionary campaigner who led the successful drive to establish London as world’s first National Park City; and from Kathryn Tierney, policy coordinator at the Directorate General Environment of the European Commission involved in the EU’s radical new growth strategy known as the ‘Green Deal’ with its key principles of circular economy, wildlife protection, zero pollution, clean energy, net greenhouse emissions by 2050 with funding being made available towards research, business innovation and community transition.

So impressed are all three by what is happening in Galway that President Higgins agreed to become this new movement’s official patron; Dan to be its mentor; Kathryn to be its champion at EU level; whilst Duncan Stewart, Ireland’s most well-known environmentalist, is its national champion.


Over eighty (and more to follow ) individuals and their respective organisations have started to come together over the last few weeks to help facilitate this process.

Newcastle, England

Newcastle Parks and Allotments Trust’s chief executive, James Cross, said: “Becoming a National Park City signals our commitment to make life better for people and nature.”

“I want our campaign to be a beacon that inspires communities in Newcastle and the wider region to value, cherish and celebrate our amazing parks, allotments and green spaces.”

  • 20 Oct 2019 - The Times - Beer-brewing and banquet halls to revive ‘dingy’ city parks - Like many of our great cities, Newcastle upon Tyne was given magnificent parks by Victorian philanthropists. Recent generations, however, have been unwilling to pay for their upkeep and many have fallen into neglect. Now their fortunes are once again being entrusted to volunteers, charities and sponsors in an effort to restore their former glories.
  • 21 Oct 2019 - Chronicle Live - Newcastle or Adelaide? Park bosses want city to have the best green spaces in the world - James Cross is also hoping that Newcastle can beat Adelaide to the accolade of becoming the world’s next ‘National Park City’, with major improvements planned in the next five years


A partnership campaign to create an Urban National Park in Wales launched in July. You can read about their goals at National Park City Wales and at @WalesNP.

National Park City Wales

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