How to make your city a National Park City

Do you want to transform your city into a National Park City? Want your urban area to join the National Park City Family?

Following the successful launch of the Universal Charter for National Park Cities and London as the world’s first National Park City in 2019, we are delighted to share our guidance on joining the National Park City Family.

The new National Park City Journey Book sets out:

  • 10 steps and 23 criteria for making your city a National Park City
  • how to develop a creative “application portfolio” of evidence for the public and our assessors
  • benefits of joining the National Park City Family

The first version of the National Park City Journey Book has been written in collaboration with World Urban Parks and Salzburg Global Seminar with help from colleagues around the world.

Download the National Park City Journey Book

For your urban area benefits of becoming a National Park City include:

  • creating a shared identity, purpose and way of organising
  • inspiring people with a vision influenced by our National Park City aims and values
  • adding a new layer of possibility, ambition and ideas
  • disrupting harmful structures, systems and activities
  • nurturing a way of thinking that is local, large scale, long term and holistic
  • using shared National Park City vocabulary that helps to create common understanding between people with different interests and backgrounds.

Benefits for your team include:

  • sharing learning, practices, ideas and resources with people in other urban areas
  • joining collaborative campaigns and projects
  • growing your personal and professional network of friends and colleagues
  • influencing the National Park City movement.

There is currently no cost for being a member of the National Park City Family.

We currently charge a fee for the application process to cover our costs. This includes the desk and peer review and the peer visit, as well as administration costs. Travel expenses make up a big part of this, so the final fee will depend on where your city is.

If necessary, the National Park City Foundation will work with you to secure funding to cover costs.

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