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The following positions are currently open:

Executive Director of the National Park City Foundation

The National Park City Foundation is looking for an Executive Director to take our Foundation to the next level. Working with an energised group of volunteer Trustees, a small staff team and with access to 150 volunteer National Park City Rangers you will inspire individuals, communities and organisations to contribute to the National Park City. We want to scale up our activities, reach more people, raise funds and increase our positive impact - aligned to our vision for Greener, Healthier and Wilder cities. We want to establish a rolling programme of projects and activities in London, whilst also supporting other cities on the journey to becoming National Park Cities. We aim to have 25 National Park Cities around the world by 2025!


£55,000 (Full time). Or adjusted pro rata if you prefer to work a 4 day week.

To apply

Check out our full job description, feel free to ask questions and if you think this is a role that would suit you, please do apply. We will respond to all applicants.

View the full job description and apply here.

Wanted: Trustees (January 2022)

Trustee Wanted

With an energised Board of Trustees full of ambition, a small motivated staff team, hundreds of committed volunteers and growing support from people and organisations across the globe, we’re seeking inspiring and dynamic individuals to join us as new trustees to take the National Park City Foundation to the next level. You’ll have the confidence and the expertise to lead, catalyse and collaborate with others to grow the global National Park City movement and to make London National Park City greener, healthier and wilder. You’ll excel at building partnerships to create opportunities for successful collaboration that will deliver our large-scale and long-term ambitions. Diversity is part of our DNA and we’re keen to hear from people with different perspectives, backgrounds, skills and experience.

Becoming a Trustee of the National Park City Foundation (Charity no. 1173267)

We’re the charity that started the National Park City movement and aim to establish 25 National Park Cities around the world by 2025. As a young and growing charity we need to remain dynamic and are continually evolving to enable the successful delivery of our vision and mission.

To aid our growth and evolution we are looking to appoint four new trustees, including a new Chair. We’re particularly interested in people who have experience of movement-building, developing innovative partnerships, community engagement, working with young people, organisational growth and development, and/or campaigning and influencing. Sectoral experience in areas including health, education, business, environment, culture, arts, sports, social or development sectors could also be beneficial but is not essential.

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are fundamentally important to us. We believe everyone should have an equal voice in the future of our cities and everyone should benefit from easy access to high-quality urban greenspaces. We’ll work to reach as many people as possible with this call for new trustees and will review and consider all applications received. We’re open to applicants from any location. We’ll brief our selection panel in best practice recruitment and will set up a check and challenge to counter any discrimination or unconscious bias.

Becoming a Charity Trustee

There are some responsibilities that come with being a charity trustee which are important to understand before becoming a trustee. If you’ve not been a charity trustee before we recommend you review the government guidance here.


We’re a young charity without significant funds or resources at our disposal yet, though we’ve made great progress in developing a funding pipeline. We’re looking for trustees who will take an active role in helping us make our vision into reality. Our trustee roles are not paid (remunerated). We offer flexibility around other work or family commitments.  As a Trustee you’ll be expected to attend regular Board meetings (approximately six per year) plus occasional other meetings and associated work. Most meetings are held virtually but some meetings and events may be held in person. We’re a young and rapidly growing organisation so our Trustees play a key part in organisational development, delivery and growing capacity. Most importantly you’ll need to be passionate about, and believe in, our vision. We estimate that you’d need to spend between 12 and 24 days per year on National Park City Foundation work (more for the position of Chair).

You’ll need to have access to a computer and to the internet. You’ll be given a email address and access to our shared Trustees drive.

Selection process

We will score candidate’s CVs and responses to the application questions (as below). We welcome applications in different formats - written, video, audio, however you feel you can best express your suitability. Shortlisting will be carried out independently by four current Trustees, who will then come together to agree a final shortlist of up to eight candidates. We will run reference / background checks for each of the shortlisted candidates and will interview candidates remotely. Interviews will be conducted by a panel of current Trustees and we will do our best to accommodate any adjustments requested by candidates.

This advert will go live on 24th January 2022 and the application deadline will be Sunday 6th March. We will contact applicants for interview by late March and interviews will be carried out in April with a view to announcing new Trustees in May.

Please answer the following questions and send us your answers along with a copy of your CV to (written / video / audio formats accepted)

  1. Tell us what excites you about being a trustee for National Park City Foundation and what skills, knowledge and experience you’d bring (max 400 words).

  2. Name another organisation you think would make a great partner for the National Park City Foundation and set out your reasons why (max 100 words).

  3. Describe how you’d go about growing the National Park City movement across the world and how you’d inspire other cities to get involved (max 200 words).

Further information

About the National Park City Foundation

National Park City, put simply, is a movement to improve life in cities. This involves residents, visitors and partners working together to:

  • Enjoy London’s great outdoors more

  • Make cities greener, healthier and wilder

  • Promote their identity as a National Park City

We want more birdsong, ultimate frisbee, hill-rolling, tree climbing, cycling, wildlife, volunteering, sharing, outdoor play, kayaking, clean air, greener streets, outdoor learning, ball games, outdoor art and hilltop dancing in our cities.

Why not?

You can read more about the London National Park City on the National Park City website and on the Greater London Authority website.

The National Park City Foundation was established in 2017 and led the campaign for London to be declared a National Park City in 2019. The work of the Foundation has grown to embrace other cities both in the UK and overseas, including the creation of the Universal National Park City Charter and the National Park City Journey Book (links below). The Foundation also manages the London National Park City website and other communication channels. National Park City is a shared vision, a movement, a place you can explore and a community you can join. It is a celebration of everything that has been done to make city landscapes, ecology and culture enjoyable. It is a large-scale and long-term challenge to improve life in cities through many small and achievable actions. Individuals, families, groups, businesses and organisations can make their own contributions to National Park City’s aims, either formally or informally.

The Universal Charter for National Park Cities and the National Park City Journey Book

The National Park City Foundation has mobilised several international partners to collaboratively develop a universal Charter for National Park Cities The Universal Charter for National Park Cities. Our partners include World Urban Parks, IUCN, and Salzburg Global Seminar.  The Charter provides a platform to engage other cities interested in declaring themselves as National Park Cities. We already have several cities expressing interest. Central to the final Charter will be a requirement for there to be active grassroots support in each interested city. We grew from the ground up in London and have already helped to connect hundreds of local groups and organisations. Other cities will need to adopt an approach which achieves buy-in at community and citizen level as has happened in London.

We’ve also created a National Park City Journey Book to inspire and support other cities on their journeys to becoming National Park Cities: National Park City Journey Book - Version 1.0 July 21 2021 - Small File.pdf

Some of the organisations we're working with...