Thank you very much for your interest in and support for the National Park City Movement.

  1. Watch our Voices From Around the World we held on 29th October - 3 sessions of inspiring people and ideas.
  2. Join one of our regular monthly open meetings

Every month - Join One of our Regular Monthly Open Meetings

Are you about to start a campaign to make your city a National Park City? Have you been working to achieve the status for some time already?

Join one of our regular monthly open meetings to be inspired and supported by people who are working to make their cities National Park Cities. We’ll be sharing our hopes and progress, exploring practices, answering questions and giving advice.

These meetings take place on the first Thursday of each month at 8am (London) and repeated at 5pm (London) so that people are able to join from across the world’s time zones.

Some meetings have a special break-out focus.

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CATCHUP WITH - How to make cities #GreenerHealthierWilder! Voices from around the world (29 October 2020)

Watch all three sessions over on our YouTube channel. We’ve created a YouTube playlist of them all.

Would you like to hear from people around the world who are making their cities greener, healthier and wilder? Watch a series of quick fire talks by inspirational people who are taking action.

Cities are full of millions of people who have ideas and projects to make life better. What if we shared those ideas more and inspired other people to do them too?

As part of Urban October and our campaign for 25 National Park Cities by 2025, we held a special series of online events on Thursday October 29th 2020. Via Zoom we showcased people from around the world who are doing things to make life and where they live greener, healthier and wilder.

We showcased diverse voices speaking on a wide range of topics. Stories might cover parkour, wildlife gardening, nature photography, walking, cycling, trees, climate action, parks and green spaces, green recovery, local volunteering, storytelling, arts and crafts, fungi, fitness, campaigning, skateboarding, community action… and many other things.

There were three sessions during the day so that we could collaborate across timezones. Each session was different. The full schedules are shown below.

  • Session 1: 8am UTC
  • Session 2: 2pm UTC
  • Session 3: 8pm UTC

This event is organised by the National Park City Foundation in partnership with World Urban Parks and Salzburg Global Seminar.

Schedule for Thursday 29th October, 8AM UTC

# Time Speaker Title/Topic
- 8.00am NPCF team Welcome
- 8.05am NPCF team About London National Park City
1 8.10am Ernita Van Wyck An easy approach to city greening
2 8.14am Roland Linear Park Plot Lines: stories from history in East London
3 8.18am Jacqui Weatherill Healthy COVID friendly urban environments!
4 8.22am Veerle Hemerik GreenQuays, innovative nature-inclusive quays in Breda
5 8.26am João Cardoso de Melo Quinta do Pisão I Nature Parc : A landscape-scale conservation project that links wildlife and people
6 8.30am Sandhya Kaimal Innovating with sustainable mindful living
7 8.34am Tash Howard Glenthorne Partnership – Creating a new National Park
8 8.38am Michelle Brigham Trail Running South Australia ‘Bushcare’
- 8.42am NPCF team Questions or comments break
9 8.50am Susan Lloyd Adelaide Repair Cafes
10 8.54am Christy Spier South Australian Urban Food Network
11 8.58am Michael Field Warpuli Kumangka
12 9.02am Malena Heinrup Lawns transformed into meadows
13 9.06am Eugènia Vidal-Casanovas The Barcelona Metropolitan Area as a Green Metropolis
14 9.10am Piyush Dhawan Urban mining: Hidden riches in our cities
15 9.14am Gillian Dick Place based approach with nature based solutions lens / focus
16 9.18am Carlos Ribeiro Guimarães: Protection and Promotion of Urban Biodiversity
17 9.21am Dr. Rajan C. Mainstreaming Biodiversity Conservation- Initiatives of Kochi Municipal Corporation
18 9.24am Mr Sanjay Prasad Greening Initiatives of Kurseong Municipality
- 9.27am NPCF team Sum up of the event
- 9.30am End of event

Schedule for Thursday 29th October, 2PM UTC

# Time Speaker Title/Topic
- 2.00pm NPCF team Welcome
1 2.05pm Araceli Camargo Centric Lab
2 2.10pm Snorri Sigurðsson Nature in the neighborhood – biodiversity education projects for children in Reykjavík, Iceland
3 2.14pm Mohammed Dilawar Sparrows & Native Plants Key to Future Conservation of Nature
4 2.18pm Elise Buckle Climate action plan and citizens forum in my home town
5 2.22pm Julia Murphy Biodiversity Without Borders: Supporting Pollinators through Trinational Cooperation
6 2.26pm Joop van Hezik Green for Grey: greening and social cohesion
7 2.30pm Marius Moga Someș Delivery
8 2.34pm Iva Bedenko Nature based solutions in Zagreb
9 2.38pm Jo Douwes Expanding river management in urban areas
- 2.42pm NPCF team Questions or comments break
10 2.50pm Lucy Bathgate Let the living waters stream
11 2.54pm Laura Smith Bee a Polli-Neighbour
12 2.58pm Patricia García-Rodríguez Planning and designing nature-based solutions in a metropolitan context. Three current experiences in the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona: Besòs, Collserola and Llobregat
13 3.02pm Daan Bleichrodt Tiny Forests, everywhere
14 3.06pm Bishop Use of Garden of Remembrance to advocate for Greening
15 3.10pm Karlene Doherty Community Led Regeneration of Vacant and Derelict Sites
16 3.14pm Leticia Lozano Urban Auscultations
17 3.18pm Sam Talam Transforming cities into mental health friendly cities
18 3.22pm Diana Wiesner & Maria Mejia Massive yet underlooked! Bogota’s Eastern Hills to become a 52-km socio-ecological corridor
19 3.26pm Marc Sherratt Ecologically regenerating the City of Johannesburg
- 3.30pm NPCF team Questions or comments break, followed by summing up
- 3.35pm End of event

Schedule for Thursday 29th October, 8PM UTC

# Time Speaker Title/Topic
- 8.00pm NPCF team Welcome
- 8.05pm NPCF team About London National Park City
1 8.10pm Colleen Lue Merton Figge’s Marsh Nature conservation project
2 8.14pm Steve Schweigerdt Building with what we have - Sacramento’s Park City launch
3 8.18pm Caroline Butler-Bowdon Working title: Making public space everyone’s business
4 8.22pm Nybee Snaddon Bushcraft and nature at home
5 8.26pm Charlotte van der Woude Nature is Under your Feet
6 8.30pm Anthony PERRIN Environment and Sustainable Development Officer
7 8.34pm Layla George Expanding our life in parks
8 8.38pm Chris Manderson Calgary Captured-using Citizen Science to create connections to our landscape
- 8.42pm NPCF team Questions or comments break
9 8.50pm Dominic Hall What if all cities had green prescriptions
10 8.54pm Maria-Chiara Piccinelli Rewild Architecture
11 8.58pm Brendan Smith Galway city as a hub of rural Greenways
12 9.02pm Ruxandra Calin Not a clean-up story yet: on a Planet Patrol
13 9.06pm Scott Dashiell Martin Power in Places
14 9.10pm Joost van der Geest Bringing back the Aa in Helmond
15 9.14pm Chris Butcher Bat Camp! Adelaide’s amazing Grey-headed Flying-foxes - a threatened species who have made their home in the heart of the City!
16 9.18pm Ferry Aerts Quality of water is quality of life
17 9.22pm Sashti The Value of Organics Recycling
18 9.25pm Katarzyna Smetek Inclusivity and youth activism
- 9.28pm NPCF team Sum up of the event
- 9.30pm End of event

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