So far there are two National Park Cities – London and Adelaide. This is just the beginning, with over 30 cities around the world undertaking their own journey as set out in our Journey book.

London National Park City

London, england

After five years of campaigning London became the world’s first National Park City in July 2019 with a launch summit at City Hall and a Festival across London.

The London National Park City has been supported by thousands of Londoners, the majority of the city’s 2,000 local politicians and the Mayor of London.

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Adelaide National Park City


The international National Park City Foundation awarded Adelaide National Park City status in 2021. This made Adelaide the first city in Australia and second in the world to receive the honour.

Adelaide becoming a National Park City is the beginning of a journey to improve city life through everyday actions to enjoy connecting with nature and each other.

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emerging national park cities

All around the world dozens of cities are aspiring to become National Park Cities. The National Park City Foundation is on a mission to realise 25 National Park Cities around the world by 2025.

Breda National Park City

breda, netherlands

Aiming to make Breda a “city in a park” in 2030, the local community and government are working together to make Breda greener, healthier, wilder and cleaner.


Cardiff National Park City

Cardiff, Wales

Aiming to make Cardiff fairer, wilder, greener and healthier – a people-powered movement for a greener, fairer, wilder and healthier Cardiff with a membership of nearly 100 people.



Campaigners in Galway are seeking recognition as a National Park City, by achieving a more Greener, Bluer, Healthier, Safer, Beautiful, Sustainable, Equitable, Harmonious and Wilder environment where people value, benefit from, and are strongly connected to the rest of Nature.


Glasgow National Park City

glasgow, Scotland

An energetic campaign to make Glasgow a National Park City, to inspire a shared vision for Glasgow, as a greener, healthier and wilder City for everyone – where people, places and nature are better connected.


Chattanooga, USA

The team in Chattanooga is just getting started on their journey to becoming the first North American National Park city.


Southampton National Park City

Southampton, England

The Southampton National Park City project wants to create more spaces that are safe to play in and where nature can flourish – a city where people, culture and nature work together.



Follow along on the journey as dozens of cities become National Park Cities.