London became the first National Park City in 2019, with Adelaide joining in 2021. Dozens more cities around the world are on the journey including; Glasgow, Breda, Rotterdam, Southampton and Chattanooga – we are on course for at least 25 National Park Cities by 2025.

With the majority of the world’s population now living in urban areas, National Park Cities are an inspiring way to rethink cities, their futures and how we inhabit them. National Park Cities are about the whole place and landscape – where everyone can be involved and help make a difference to improve city life for nature and people alike.

The National Park City Charter sets out our long-term achievable vision showing what we can do by working, learning, sharing and acting together, across communities, governments, and businesses. The Charter confirms our collective ambition, responsibility and power to deliver all these things and more.

Our Journey Book illustrates what makes building a National Park City unique and different in how it is conceived, explored and co-created. It sets out the 10 practical steps a city needs to take to become a National Park City – an invitation to explore, share ideas and harness the diverse talents and abilities of everyone to set out a common path for future cities.

Partner with us, to create a diverse globally connected community of cities across all continents. Help us build leadership capacity in grassroots and city organisers to deliver the goals of the National Park City universal charter. Enable more people within cities to lead on practical action to make their cities greener, healthier and wilder.


Follow along on the journey as dozens of cities become National Park Cities.

The first two national park cities

London, England

After five years of campaigning London became the world’s first National Park City in July 2019 with a launch summit at City Hall and a Festival across London. The London National Park City has been supported by thousands of Londoners, the majority of the city’s 2,000 local politicians and the Mayor of London.

Read more about the London National Park City on

Adelaide, Australia

The international National Park City Foundation awarded Adelaide National Park City status in 2021. This made Adelaide the first city in Australia and second in the world to receive the honour. Adelaide becoming a National Park City is the beginning of a journey to improve city life through everyday actions to enjoy connecting with nature and each other.

Find out about their journey at


Journey Book Cover

Do you want to transform your city into a National Park City? Want your urban area to join the National Park City Family? Our journey book outlines the step you need to take.

The National Park City Journey Book sets out:

  • 10 steps and 23 criteria for making your city a National Park City
  • How to develop a creative “application portfolio” of evidence for the public and our assessors
  • Benefits of joining the National Park City Family


Our Universal Charter for National Park Cities sets out the purpose, vision, spirit and goals of the National Park City movement. It was co-created by people from 50 countries around the world.

Our vision is to make cities where people, places and nature are better connected. Let’s make National Park Cities that are rich with nature and where everyone benefits from exploring, playing and learning outdoors. Cities where we all enjoy high quality public and green spaces, where the air is clean to breathe and it’s a pleasure to swim in their waters. Together we can make cities greener, healthier, fairer and more harmonious places to live. Why not?

A National Park City is a shared vision and journey for a better life. Everyone in a National Park City is able to benefit and contribute everyday. It is a large-scale and long-term vision that is achievable through many actions. Much is already happening but by working, learning, sharing and acting together, across communities and governments, we can achieve even more.

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